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The Hummingbird Effect Podcast

Mar 15, 2019

Your "Diet" is not only what you eat. In fact, we consume things into our body and mind all the time.  In this episode, we are breaking down the impact of what we watch, listen to, read and the people in our lives and how they impact our "diet"/habitual consumption. We also explore why we get off track with "over consumption" and "under action". Last, we share our passion of sharing. "Sharing is Caring" is more than just a statement - it's a way of life for Farika and becoming an easier process for Lakeda.  See what we share and how it could help you too! πŸ€—


This is the second episode of a series:

  1. Composing You: Introspection and Goal Setting
  2. Your Diet Is More Than Food! Mental and Physical Health
  3. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Saul and Silas. Financial Health

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