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The Hummingbird Effect Podcast

May 16, 2018

#WhenDoYouKnowYoureOffBalance ?

In life, we often find ourselves getting "Off Kilter" or "Off Balance" by events that occur on a day to day bases.  Sometimes, these setbacks set us back more than we want. Consider life is like a game of JengaTM , one false move, and the whole thing falls apart.  So, when do you know you're off balance? How do you regain your balance to stay the course of life?  In this episode we touch on our personal feelings about the last episode after we noticed things missing due to our own unbalances, explore some celebrities fighting to keep balance in their lives as they progress or evolve,  as well as identify our own clues of being off balance.  We'll then suggest ideas based on what we do to regain and create longevity with regards to balance.  

Last, we introduce a new segment "Say, Something..." where we give a special shout out to our listeners / followers who have shared feedback, suggestions or shared us with others. This is the segue for a future segment for followers/listeners having the opportunity to call in and be a part of the conversation live. 

Links from the show

DJ Tee Alford of "Funky People Radio Show Live" (House Music Mixes)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo